New Work Sept 2019

New work will be released tomorrow and available from my online Etsy shop –

Get Up – one of my most popular prints – this is a screen print version of the original lino print. Each screen print was printed on heavy watercolour paper and then painstakingly painted my myself, layering the watercolour to create the desired finish. You can watch a short video of me painting these on my Instagram account HERE

These prints will be released tomorrow 28th September. For more details on these prints and to buy, visit my Etsy Shop.

Also released on the 28th: Do You Ever Think About What’s Out There? – a series of one off Lino Prints that have been individually hand finished with iridescent powder. This is a delicate, time consuming process ensuring that each print is truly unique. You can watch a short video of some of the process HERE.

Around a dozen of these one off pieces will be available though my Etsy store. More images, details and buying options HERE.

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