New work for 2022

There’s some new work in my online shop with more to come later this week. This special pack of tattooed mini prints is now available. Each mini print is hand printed with hand-carved relief blocks, all the packaging is individually hand printed too. For full details visit my online shop and for process photos and videos, and more regular updates, do follow me on Instagram.

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Christmas Mini Print

Chris Bourke Linocut Lino print UK artistI recently released this year’s Christmas print ‘Peace’ – a mini hand printed relief print/trading card that comes in a sealed envelope. Click HERE for more details.

There’s other new affordable art prints in my shop too, including Tiny Heart – the smallest print I’ve ever made/released!

Tiny heart print Chris Bourke art linocut lino print artist UK

For more regular updates please follow my Instagram page.


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There is Only One Truth and its Name is Love

I have three editions of this new print being released this Friday 27th August 7pm BST. It will be available as a black and white lino print, plus two different hand-coloured editions. Visit my online shop HERE on Friday for full details.

Just a reminder that I post regularly (usually daily) on my Instagram page .

Chris Bourke Lino Print artist UK Printmakera 

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Pay Nurses More

Pay Nurses More is a free digital download of a lino cut/lino print of a nurse, in support of the NHS. It’s offered here free of charge for anyone to download, print and use as they wish in support of the NHS. (The image cannot be used for commercial purposes or for personal profit.)

The original linocut image is only small, approx 9cm x 9cm but has been scanned at a high resolution and will enlarge and print clearly to fit the width of an A4 sheet (you may need to increase the size in your printer options).


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AS A JPG – (this link will take you to a new window, ctrl/right click to save image.)

If you print and use the image, do tag me on Instagram – @chrisbourkeart

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Screen prints: Do you ever think about what’s out there?

chris bourke art uk artist lino print linocut artist screen printsSorry for the lack of updates here. As mentioned in the last post, I do regular, usually daily updates on Instagram.

Despite this strange year I’ve been continuing to work on and release new lino prints and some t-shirts too, and have had some screen prints made of my Do You Ever Think About What’s Out There? lino print.

The screen print uses a colour fade technique so that the stars on the print fade from red to orange to yellow, this technique also means that each print is a little different.


There are two versions to choose from, the other has a blue to purple to pink colour fade. Both these prints are available from my Etsy shop here.

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Hello. I’ve been busy making lots of new work for shows, but there’s been a few new pieces released already this year, including the below – I Got Here As Fast As I Could.

I post more regularly on my Instagram page but will post news about the shows and new work here later in the year.

chris bourke art UK lino print maker linocut artist

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New Work Sept 2019

New work will be released tomorrow and available from my online Etsy shop –

Get Up – one of my most popular prints – this is a screen print version of the original lino print. Each screen print was printed on heavy watercolour paper and then painstakingly painted my myself, layering the watercolour to create the desired finish. You can watch a short video of me painting these on my Instagram account HERE

These prints will be released tomorrow 28th September. For more details on these prints and to buy, visit my Etsy Shop.

Also released on the 28th: Do You Ever Think About What’s Out There? – a series of one off Lino Prints that have been individually hand finished with iridescent powder. This is a delicate, time consuming process ensuring that each print is truly unique. You can watch a short video of some of the process HERE.

Around a dozen of these one off pieces will be available though my Etsy store. More images, details and buying options HERE.

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Poetry of the Deed Ten Year Anniversary

Frank Turner Poetry of the Deed 10 year anniversary album artwork Chris Bourke

It’s been 10 years since I did the artwork for Frank Turner’s album Poetry of the Deed. I’ve released a ten year anniversary edition of the two prints I made for the album (front and back cover). They are both for sale in my Etsy shop. Click images to view full details.

frank turner poetry of the deed album artwork for sale

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Hello I Love You

Thanks to everyone who supported my work in 2018. There’s already some new pieces of work in my Etsy shop including these ‘hand prints’ that are new for 2019. Hello I love you is an edition of 200 on handmade Bhutanese paper. More of hand prints and other new work to follow.

Chris bourke art, linocut, lino prints, artist, UK

Hello I Love You, linocut print on handmade Bhutanese paper. Click image for full details

More info on all prints in my shop at –


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You and Me

Chris Bourke Art Linocut Lino print artist UKChris Bourke Art Lino prints linocut artist UK











‘You and Me’ is a new hand coloured linocut print that is now available from my Etsy shop.

There’s two hand coloured versions as you can see from the images. They are printed on handmade Bhutanese paper.

The full colour version is an edition of just 21, and the other is in an edition of 150.

Click the images or visit for more images and full details.

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